Social Work

As a professional social worker, you could work in many areas of the health, education, justice, or social service systems in the public or private sector. You could work with and on behalf of diverse groups, from infants to elders, rural families to urban families, homeless women to runaway youth. Your job could involve any of a wide range of activities, from prevention, crisis intervention, conflict resolution and counseling, to community organizing and organizational management.

The Social Work Program at UVM is committed to social justice and the promotion and protection of human rights for all people. Students learn about social work's historic mission to work with the most marginalized and least well-served members of society. Graduates are committed to helping find lasting solutions to social issues in collaboration with the people affected by them, solutions that are congruent with their culture, knowledge, experiences, preferences, and strengths as they define them. UVM's social work programs are fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, the bachelors program since 1978.

As a student majoring in Social Work, you will take courses that develop a thorough grounding in the liberal arts and sciences, in addition to courses in social work. And, in consultation with your advisor, you will select elective courses that complement your development as a social work practitioner and support you to pursue individual interests.

In the final year of your program, you will participate in a year-long field experience. Highly regarded field instructors in the state's most reputable social, health, justice, and educational services provide supervision for our students. Among recent field placements, students have worked with refugee populations in a community health center, with elders in an assisted living community, and with street youth on violence prevention. Others have collaborated with pediatric and other health care professionals in providing services to rural low-income families.

Our faculty work to match your supervised practice experiences as closely as possible to your career goals.