Secondary Education

Becoming a secondary-level teacher requires in-depth study in a content area as well as teaching methods, an understanding of the uniqueness of adolescent learners and their needs, and knowledge of schools and communities and their impact on teachers and students. On your journey to becoming a teacher, you will take courses on campus and on site at our partnership schools.

You declare your intent to become a Secondary Education major at the time you apply to the University of Vermont. Then, during your junior year at UVM, you present work completed during your first two years for review prior to being admitted into professional course work leading to a license to teach students in grades 7-12. Upon successful completion of the program, you are recommended for a Vermont Teaching License and an endorsement in your academic area.

As a student in the Secondary Education Program, you will focus on three main areas over the four years you are with us, as follows.

General Education You will complete a series of required general education courses that provide a broad base of knowledge and skills from disciplines within the liberal arts and sciences. From this work, you will discover your passion for a core subject that you believe you would enjoy teaching to others.

Secondary Education Major You will study deeply in your chosen core subject area. Whether you choose a foreign language, one of the sciences, English, mathematics or a social science, is up to you.

Professional Studies You will take courses that focus on the "what's, why's, and how's" of the teaching and learning process. These courses, most of which are taken in your 3rd and 4th years, are a combination of theory and practice. You will continually be expected to make connections between what you are learning at the University and what teachers and students are expected to know and be able to do in the context of a public school.

Ultimately, you will draw on knowledge from your general education requirements as well as your core and professional course work to develop a professional portfolio for licensure. You will use artifacts collected over time that highlight the knowledge, skills and dispositions you have acquired in the Secondary Education Program.

The program is approved by the Vermont State Department of Education, which has reciprocity with many states and the District of Columbia and is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Successful program completion leads to licensure and an endorsement to teach Secondary Education (Grades 7-12).