Majors Overview

Students enrolled in Teacher Education Programs in the College of Education and Social Services are all required to complete a 30-hour (minimum) major in the liberal arts and sciences.

Students in Secondary Education complete majors in very specific areas and the requirements for each one are listed at the CESS Student Services website.

The primary endorsement areas are English, Languages, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Specific Secondary Education majors include Animal Sciences (Biology endorsement), Biological Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Economics, English, French, Geography, German, History, Latin, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, and Spanish.

Majors in Secondary Education differ somewhat from comparable majors offered through the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. The teacher education programs in the College of Education and Social Services must complete specific courses as part of the Vermont State Department of Education approved programs.

Students in Secondary Education may determine if they will or will not include a minor as part of their Secondary Education program. Majoring in Secondary Education English (30 credit hours) and Secondary Education Math (33 credit hours) means that a minor can easily be included as part of the program. Secondary Education students have the option of selecting a minor in Special Education (as space allows) or a minor though another academic unit on campus.

Students in Secondary Education who are majoring in one of the Sciences or one of the areas in Social Studies have additional credits for their major and therefore it is more difficult to include a minor. If you review the requirements at the CESS Student Services webpage you will note that the basic portion of the major might only require 30 credits, but an additional 12 credits or so are required to successfully complete the major. For example, a student majoring in Earth Science is required to complete 32 credits, but another 12 in the other sciences must be completed as well to total 44 credits.