Human Development and Family Studies Checksheet

University Requirement
Diversity Courses
Refer to approved courses that meet (D1) Race and Racism in the U.S. and (D2) Human and Societal Diversity in catalogue. NOTE: HDFS 141 (D1) and 167 (D2) may not fulfill BOTH diversity and professional requirements.
D1 3
D2 3
Writing and Information Literacy Crs
ENGS 001, HCOL 085, or TAP course 3
Any course with "SU" designation  
Total Credits  
General Education
Behavioral & Social Science Crs
PSYS 001 3
Intro Level Anthropology 3
Intro Level Sociology 3
Communication Skills Crs
ENGS 001 3
SPCH 011 or CALS 183 3
Elective (ASL, CSD, Writing Course, Foreign Lang, or MATH) 3
Humanities Crs
Elective (ARTH, ARTS, CLAS, HST, Literature, MU, PHIL, REL or THE) 3
Elective (Same as above) 3
Physical & Biological Science Crs
NFS 043 3
BIOL 003 or 004 3
Science Elective (BIOL, CHEM, ENSC, ENVS, GEOL, NFS 063, 143, PBIO, PSS, or PHYS) Note: Lab is not required for Science Elective 3
Research Methods1 Crs
PSYS 053, SOC 100, STAT 111 or 141 3
Total Credits  
Professional Requirements
Introductory Level Courses Crs
HDFS 001 Intro to HDFS and S-L (Fall only) 3
HDFS 055 Academic Service Learning 1
HDFS 005 Human Development 3
HDFS 060 Family Context of Development (Spring only) 3
HDFS 065 Human Relationships & Sexuality 3
Intermediate Level Courses2 Crs
HDFS 141 D1:Interrogatng White Identity (Fall only) 3
HDFS 161 Social Context of Development (Fall only) 3
HDFS 101 The Helping Relationship (Spring only) 3
HDFS 189 Theories of Human Development (Spring only) 3
Upper Level Courses/Seminars3,4 Crs
HDFS 200-level 3
HDFS 200-level 3
HDFS 200-level 3
HDFS 296: Field Experience 6
Total Credits  
Total Credits  
1Complete prior to HDFS upper level courses/seminars
2HDFS 005 and 060 must be completed prior to taking any intermediate level courses.
3HDFS 161 and 189 must be completed prior to taking any upper level courses/seminars. HDFS 167 may also be counted as a 200-level seminar.

4HDFS 200, 265, 291 and 296 are not approved to meet this requirement.

Program completion in Human Development and Family Studies requries a minimum of 120 approved credit hours.
Catalogue year 2015-2016
Revised June 2015