Dr. Killeen is a former special education teacher from Louisiana and participant in the Teach For America national teacher corps. His recent publications appear in the Journal of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Educational Policy, Education and Urban Society, Peabody Journal of Education, and the Journal of Education Finance. As well, he has published reports on New York State's school district reform for the Brookings Institution and the Education Finance Research Consortium. His current research interests focus upon highly transient or mobile school children, with research projects underway in Minnesota, New York State and Vermont. Dr. Killeen holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in the Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education and a M.R.P. in Regional Planning from Cornell University.

Areas of Expertise

Educational Finance; Educational Policy; Leadership; Research Methods; Rural Studies; Student Mobility


Selected Publications

  • Schafft, K.A., Killeen, K., & Morrissey, J. (In Press). The challenges of student transiency for US rural schools and communities in the era of No Child Left Behind. In Jackson, A. & Schafft, K.A. (Eds.), Rural education for the twenty-first century: Identity, place, and community in a globalizing world. University Park, PA: Penn State University Press (Rural Studies Series).
  • Brewer, D. & Killeen, K.M. Organizing Effective Educational Accountability: The Case of Oklahoma. Oklahoma Business and Education Coalition.  [abstract]
  • Killeen, K. M, & Schafft, K. (2008). The Organizational and Fiscal Implications of Transient Student Populations. Handbook of Research in Education Finance and Policy, Helen Ladd and Ted Fiske (eds.).
  • Eom, T.H & Killeen, K.M. (2007) Reconciling State Aid and Property Tax Relief for Urban Schools: Birthing a New STAR in New York State. Education and Urban Society.
  • Killeen, K. (2007). How the Media Misleads the Story of School Consumerism: A Perspective from School Finance. Peabody Journal of Education.
  • Gerstl-Pepin, C. I., Killeen, K.M., Hasazi, S.B. (2006). Utilizing an ethic of care in leadership preparation: Uncovering the complexity of colorblind social justice. Journal of Educational Administration, 44(3), 250-263.
  • Killeen, K. M. & Sipple, J. W. (2005). Mandating Supplemental Intervention Services: Is New York State Doing Enough to Help All Students Succeed? The Journal of Education Policy Analysis Archives, 13 (19): 1-40.
  • Sipple, J. W., Killeen, K.M., and Monk, D. (2004). Adoption and Adaptation: School District Responses to State Imposed Learning and Graduation Requirements. The Journal of Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 26 (2): 143-168.
  • Sipple, J.W. & Killeen, K.M. (2004). Context, Capacity and Concern: A District-Level Analysis of the Implementation of Standards-Based Reform in New York State. The Journal of Educational Policy, 18 (3): 456-490.

Professional Associations

  • American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Kieran M. Killeen


    • Ph.D. in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education from Cornell University


    Email: Kieran.Killeen@uvm.edu
    Phone: (802)656-2936
    Office: 445 Waterman Hall