Judith A. Aiken is associate professor in the Department of Leadership and Developmental Sciences (DLDS) at the University of Vermont where she teaches courses in educational leadership, curriculum theory, staff evaluation and development, and dissertation writing. Dr. Aiken coordinates the EdD program in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She also supervises the field-based internship program for students pursuing endorsements as school administrators. Dr. Aiken's research interests focus on the development of educational leaders, women in leadership, social justice leadership, and teacher supervision and evaluation. Her publications include a co-edited book on global leadership and a number of book chapters and journal articles appearing in such journals as Planning and Changing: An Educational Leadership and Policy Journal, Journal of School Leadership, Educational Leadership Review, and the Journal of Leadership Studies.

Areas of Expertise

Curriculum and Instruction; Diversity, Access, and Equity; Gender Studies; Leadership; Social Justice


Selected Publications

  • Aiken, J. A. & Gerstl-Pepin, C. (in press, 2013). Envisioning the PhD and EdD As A Partnership for Change. Planning and Changing: An Educational Leadershp and Policy Journal.
  • Smith, S., Aiken, J., Heading-Grant, W., & Sanchez, T. (2013). When the Unexpected Happens: Navigating Difficult Moments in Higher Education. In S. Harris and S. Edmundson (Eds.), Critical Social Justice Issues for Education Today, Michigan: NCPEA Press
  • Aiken, J. A. & Gerstl-Pepin, C. (2012). Democratic School Leaders Advocating for Ethical Responsibility in a Standardized Context, Journal of School Leadership
  • Gerstl-Pepin, C. & Aiken, J. A. (2012). Social Justice Leadership for a Global World. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • Heading-Grant, W. & Aiken, J. A. (2010). Faculty Mentors and their Perspectives on Cross-Cultural Mentoring Relationships. In Gigi Harris and Richard Johnson, III (Eds.), Women of color and leadership: Taking their rightful place.
  • Aiken, J. A. (2009). Curriculum Reconceptualists. In T. Hunt, J. Carper, T. Lasley, & D. Raisch (Eds.)., Encyclopedia of educational reform and dissent.
  • Aiken, J. A. (Fall, 2007). Success Strategy: Prioritize and decide. In Michelle Acker-Hoover and Gary Ivory, (Eds.), Successful School Board Leadership, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education.
  • Shepherd, K., Hasazi, S. & Aiken, J. (2008). Preparing school leaders to build and sustain positive connections with families and communities. In R. Papa, (Ed.), C. Achilles, & B Alford (Eds.), NCPEA Yearbook, 2008. Leadership on the front line: Changes if professional practice.
  • Aiken, J. A., Taft-Blakely, J. French, D., Young, C., Stanley, S., Wasleben, L, Goodrich, W., (2007). Implementing Policy Governance in Vermont Schools: A Research Study. A Report to the Vermont School Boards Association and Vermont Commissioner of Education. Montpelier, VT: Department of Education.
  • Aiken, J. A. (Winter, 2006). "The History of Schools of Education." In English, F. (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Leadership and Administration. (Publication, 2006).
  • Aiken, J. A., Kay, P., Mosenthal, J., & Whitcomb, P., (Winter, 2006). "Adaptions of the new scholarship: One college
  • Johnson, R., Aiken, J. A., & Steggreda, R. (Winter, 2006). "Emotions And Educational Leadership: Narratives From The Inside." Planning and Changing: An Educational Leadership and Policy Journal.

Awards and Recognition

  • College of Education and Social Services, John Dewey Excellence in Teaching Award from CESS: This award, made by the College Dean, was in recognition of teaching excellence in the College of Education and Social Services. (2013)
  • National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, Outstanding Service Award from NCATE: This award was made in recognition of service to the teaching profession while serving on the Board of Examiners (BOE) for NCATE. (2013)
  • ALANA Diversity Excellence Award from ALANA Coalition at UVM: This award was presented for service in support of diversity initiatives at the University of Vermont as recognized by the ALANA Coalition. (2012)
  • UVM Graduate Student Senate, Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination from Graduate College at UVM: This award was given in recognition of teaching excellence in graduate education at UVM. (2012)
  • Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society from Pi Gammu Mu National Honor Society: This award was made to acknowledge service and scholarship made to the educational profession. (2010)
  • Vermont School Board: Appreciation for Outstanding Work from Vermont School Boards Association: Service to the Vermont School Boards Association for the implementation and evaluation of Policy Governance in Vermont school districts (2007)

Professional Associations

  • American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), National Association for Multicultural Education, National Staff Development Council (NSDC), Pi Gamma Mu, The Association of Teacher Educators (ATE)

Licensure or Certifications

  • Vermont Educator License, Level II, School Administrator
Judith A. Aiken


    • Ed.D. in Curriculum Theory and Development from Rutgers University
    • M.A. in Counseling Services from Rider University


    Email: Judith.Aiken@uvm.edu
    Phone: (802)656.8199
    Office: 499B Waterman