Dr. Anne Geroski is an Associate Professor in the Counseling Program. Formerly the Program Coordinator and School Track Coordinator, Anne has worked in the UVM Counseling Program since 1996. Additionally, Anne has worked as a teacher, administrator, elementary school counselor, mental health clinician, and consultant in various settings across the United States (and abroad), including New Mexico, Maine, and northern Alaska. Much of Anne's work has been with a variety of First Nations peoples and new-comers to the United States. Anne's current practice is informed by her study of Narrative Therapy at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Anne earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Special Education from Syracuse University, a Master's of Science in Counseling from the University of New Mexico, and a Doctorate in Counselor Education from the University of Maine. Anne's current scholarly work focuses on skills training, school counseling and substance use screening.


Selected Publications

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Selected Presentations

  • Preparing Counselors for Rural Practice
  • Removing the Colorblindfold in School Counseling
  • Geroski, A. (2010, February). Groups with Class. The Basics of Planning and Facilitating Counseling and Classroom Groups in Schools. Presented at meeting of Counseling Services of Addison County, VT.
  • Geroski, A. (2008, October). Theory to Practice: Working with Counselors in the Field. Presented at meeting of North Atlantic Regional Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES), Portland, ME..
  • Geroski, A. (2008, May). Considering the Authorship of Stored Identities with 5th Graders. Presented at meeting of Third Annual CESS Scholarship Symposium at University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.
Anne Geroski


    • Ed.D. in Counselor Education from University of Maine-Orono
    • M.A. in Counseling and Family Studies from University of New Mexico
    • B.S. in Special Education from Syracuse University


    Email: Anne.Geroski@uvm.edu
    Phone: 802-656-1437
    Office: 101B Mann Hall, Trinity Campus