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Sadig Dahlan: Principles Relating to Inclusive Education For Children With Special Educational Needs (2013-06-26)

Dahlan, Sadig | Waterman 527, Phi Beta Kappa | 2013-06-26 | 9:30 a.m.

After many years and long discussion, the United Arab Emirates adopted policies and practices that encourage inclusion in educational classrooms. The policies and practices are modeled after those in the United States and European countries and endorsed by such international organizations as UNESCO and the United Nations. One purpose of this dissertation is to present an overview of inclusion from an international perspective—its history, purpose, principles, and practice. A second purpose was to develop and present case studies. In one case, a scholarly personal narrative approach is used to present the educational experience of a young person with disabilities due to Albinism and the behavior received from peers and students. There is a significant age difference between the person described in Case A and that described in Case B. In the second case study, interviews with the parents and the Special Education Itinerant Teacher were conducted in order to develop the second case. Although there is a significant time difference between the educational experience of the subject in Case A and that in Case B, particular themes involving the role of parents, responses from school personnel, and available responses emerge. A major finding in this work is that a shadow can play a significant role in defining and managing a successful inclusive educational experience. An outline for how shadows can be used in the classroom and their impact is presented. Although policies might exist that encourage inclusion, it is concluded that only schools and those affiliated with schools, like teachers, can ensure a successful inclusive educational experience.

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