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Beth White
Beth White

As the oldest in a strong-minded farming family from northern Vermont, I was instilled with a hearty work ethic, an insatiable curiosity, and drive for constant improvement.  I have questions about why education often squelches children's intrinsic curiosity and why public school is becoming more and more uninspiring and unyielding—questions that have led me to study educational leadership and policy studies at the University of Vermont.  I value curricular experiences that engage teachers and students in cooperative problem solving around authentic, community-based, real-world dilemmas.  I value classrooms where members participate in a true democracy and curriculum is exploration-based, interdisciplinary, and co-led by students, experts, and educators alike.  I value small educational environments that are democratically run and designed to deliberately respond in creative ways to the interests, passions, and needs of their communities.  I am excited to continue this journey to design important research studies that will impact policy, teacher education, and students in positive ways.  My vision us that with multiple stakeholders, perspectives, and experiences we may implement national education reform that puts students front in center—reform that that values student voice, is strengthened by diversity, deliberately addresses equity, and is grounded in community.

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