University of Vermont

Making a difference by supporting highly effective mathematics instruction

The Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI) was developed in 1999 to support highly effective mathematics instruction across the entire state so that all children can learn the rigorous mathematics needed for success in higher education and the workplace.

At the heart of the Vermont Mathematics Initiative is the concept of building a cadre of K-8 mathematics teacher leaders across the state who are deeply knowledgeable in mathematics content and can apply their knowledge to improve mathematics instruction. In turn, these elementary and middle school teacher leaders serve as mathematics resources to all elementary and middle school teachers in their school and/or district in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Strong mathematics content knowledge is the foundation of the VMI. Indeed, the overarching philosophy of the VMI can be summarized by the adage competence leads to confidence. Thus, in the VMI approach to mathematics professional development, VMI participants begin to view themselves as mathematicians, to view mathematics as part of their lives, and to see the world around them in a mathematical light. The resulting impact of these transformations in the VMI teachers' classrooms and schools is far-reaching. As teachers feel more comfortable with mathematics, the more they are able to effectively communicate their knowledge and convey their enthusiasm to their own students and other teachers.

Last modified April 04 2012 11:54 AM