University of Vermont


College of Education and Social Services
Psychology and Communication Sciences & Disorders Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 34 credit hours required.

Complete the Following Courses
CSD 080/LING 080 Introduction to Linguistics 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 094 Development of Spoken Language 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 101 Speech and Hearing Science 4 cr. hrs.
CSD 165/LING 165 Phonetic Theory and Practice 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 208 Cognition and Language 3 cr. hrs.
PSYC 001 General Psychology 3 cr. hrs.
PSYC 109* Psychology Research Methods I 3 cr. hrs.
PSYC 161 Developmental Psychology: Childhood (may substitute EDEC 063) 3 cr. hrs.
Select Two Psychology Electives at the 100 Level or Above
6 cr. hrs.
PSYC Elective at the 100 Level or Above
PSYC Elective at the 100 Level or Above
Select One Psychology Elective at the 200 Level
3 cr. hrs.
PSYC Elective at the 200 Level
34 cr. hrs.

*Only offered Fall semesters.

Requirements for entrance into the CSD graduate program at UVM include completion of courses equivalent to: CSD 080 (Introduction to Linguistics), CSD 094 (Development of Spoken Language), CSD 101 (Speech and Hearing Science), CSD 165 (Phonetic Theory and Practice), CSD 281 (Cognitive Neuroscience) and a course in Statistics. (UVM Catalogue, 2011-2012)

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