University of Vermont


College of Education and Social Services
Nutrition and Food Sciences Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 30 credit hours required.

Complete 30 Credits from the Following Courses
NFS 033 What's Brewing in Food Science 3 cr. hrs.
NFS 043 Fundamentals of Nutrition 3 cr. hrs.
NFS 050 D2:Cheese and Culture 3 cr. hrs.
NFS 053 Basic Concepts of Foods 3 cr. hrs.
NFS 063 Obesity, Weight Control & Fitness 3 cr. hrs.
NFS 073 D2:Farm to Table-Our Food Sys 3 cr. hrs.
NFS 143 Nutrition in the Life Cycle 3 cr. hrs.
NFS 153 Principles of Food Technology3 cr. hrs.
NFS 163 Sports Nutrition3 cr. hrs.
NFS 250 Foodservice Systems 4 cr. hrs.
NFS 295 Food Microbiology for Non-majors 3 cr. hrs.
30 cr. hrs.

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