University of Vermont


College of Education and Social Services
Mathematics Major Concentration*
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 32 credit hours required.

Complete the Following Courses
CS 021 Computer Programming I 3 cr. hrs.
MATH 021 Calculus I 4 cr. hrs.
MATH 022 Calculus II 4 cr. hrs.
MATH 052 Fundamentals of Mathematics 3 cr. hrs.
MATH 124* Linear Algebra 3 cr. hrs.
MATH 161 The Development of Mathematics (offered once a year) 3 cr. hrs.
MATH 173 Basic Combinatorial Theory 3 cr. hrs.
Complete one of the Following Courses
3 cr. hrs.
MATH 141 Real Analysis in One Variable  
MATH 151 Groups and Rings  
Complete One of the Following Statistics Courses
3 cr. hrs.
STAT 141 Basic Statistical Methods
STAT 151 Applied Probability
STAT 211 Statistical Methods I
Complete One MATH 200-Level Course
3 cr. hrs.
32 cr. hrs.

Recommended Electives
MATH 121 Calculus III (This is a co-req or pre-req for some 100/200 level courses)
MATH 255 Elementary Number Theory

A high school background of four years of mathematics, including the equivalent of precalculus, is assumed.
*Credit for MATH 001, 002, 009, and 010 will not count towards the 30 hour requirement. MATH 019 and 020 may be used as a substitute for MATH 021 by those students who took MATH 019 before entering the program.

*MATH 124 has a co-req of MATH 121

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