University of Vermont


College of Education and Social Services
French Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 30 credit hours required.

Complete the Following Courses
FREN 101 Writing Workshop 3 cr. hrs.
FREN 132 Contemporary France 3 cr. hrs.
FREN 107 Focus on Oral Expression 3 cr. hrs.
FREN 141 French Literature in Context I 3 cr. hrs.
FREN 142 French Literature in Context II 3 cr. hrs.
Select One of the Following Courses
3 cr. hrs.
FREN 201 Advanced Composition and Conversation
FREN 209 Advanced Grammar
Select Two of the Following Courses
6 cr. hrs.
FREN 131 French Civilization
FREN 292 Topics in French Culture
FREN 293 Quebec Culture
Complete Two French Electives at the 200 Level
6 cr. hrs.
FREN Elective at the 200 level
FREN Elective at the 200 level
30 cr. hrs.

1. Exceptions can and should be made in the recommended courses in cases where individual experience and preparation in the language indicate the advisability of such changes.

2. College of Education and Social Services students should go to the Romance Languages Department for advising in their choice of coursework so that appropriate modifications in the recommended program may be made.

Revised July 2015

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