University of Vermont


College of Education and Social Services
Environmental Studies Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 30 credit hours required.

Complete the Following Courses
ENVS 001 Introduction to Environmental Studies 4 cr. hrs.
ENVS 002 International Environmental Studies 4 cr. hrs.
ENVS 294 Environmental Education 3 cr. hrs.
Individually Designed Section (19 credits minimum)
19 cr. hrs.

Select, in cooperation with your ENVS advisor, 19 hours of approved environmentally-related courses at 100 level or higher, including 3 hours at the 200 level. Complete a minimum of one course from each area listed below.

  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • International Studies (May be fulfilled by a study abroad experience.)
30 cr. hrs.

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