University of Vermont


College of Education and Social Services
Communication Sciences and Disorders Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 30 credit hours required.

Complete 30 or More Hours from the Following Courses
ASL 001 American Sign Language I 3 cr. hrs.
ASL 002 American Sign Language II 3 cr. hrs.
ASL 195 Understanding Deaf Culture 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 080/LING 080 Introduction to Linguistics 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 094 Development of Spoken Language 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 101 Speech and Hearing Science 4 cr. hrs.
CSD 162/LING 162 American English Dialects 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 164/LING 164 Structure of the English Language 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 165/LING 165 Phonetic Theory and Practice 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 166/LING 166 Introduction to Syntax 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 208 Cognition and Language 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 287 Early Language & Communication Intervention 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 295 Mindfulness & Helping Skills 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 299 Autism Spectrum Disorders 3 cr. hrs.
LING 135 D1: Language & Ethnicity 3 cr. hrs.
LING 168 Intro to Pragmatics 3 cr. hrs.
PSYC 001 General Psychology 3 cr. hrs.
PSYC 161 Developmental Psychology: Childhood 3 cr. hrs.
STAT 111 Elements of Statistics or STAT 141 Basic Statistical Methods* 3 cr. hrs.

*May only take one Statistics course.

Requirements for entrance into the CSD graduate program at UVM include completion of courses equivalent to: CSD 080 (Introduction to Linguistics), CSD 094 (Development of Spoken Language), CSD 101 (Speech and Hearing Science), CSD 165 (Phonetic Theory and Practice), CSD 281 (Cognitive Neuroscience) and a course in Statistics. (UVM Catalogue, 2011-2012)

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