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College of Education and Social Services
Coaching Minor

Program Title: Undergraduate Minor in Coaching

Academic Unit: College of Education & Social Services, Department of Education, Physical Education Program

Description: The coaching minor is designed to provide the undergraduate student at UVM the opportunity to complete a series of courses to prepare the student for coaching sports activities at any age or skill level. The minor is specifically aimed at educating the student about age appropriate exercise, coaching methods and ethics, instructional techniques, and practical coaching experiences. The minor is open to any student at UVM.

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Prerequisite courses (6 credits) and a minimum of 15 credit hours required.

A. Complete the following Prerequisite Courses
EDPE 220 Sport in Society 3 cr. hrs.
HDFS 0051 Human Development 3 cr. hrs.
B. Complete the following Required Courses
EDPE 197 Coaching Practicum 3 cr. hrs.
EDPE 200 Coaching Ethics & Legal Issues 3 cr. hrs.
EDPE 230 Philosophies of Coaching 3 cr. hrs.
C. Complete one of the following courses in "Anatomy and Fitness"
EDPE 055B Fitness Education 3 cr. hrs.
EDPE 166 Kinesiology 3 cr. hrs.
EDPE 167 Exercise Physiology 4 cr. hrs.
D. Complete one of the following courses in "Coaching and Training"
EDPE 055A Games Education 3 cr. hrs.
EDPE 265 Sports Performance Seminar 3 cr. hrs.
EDPE 266 Exercise Prescription for Sport 3 cr. hrs.
EDPE 267 Science of Strength Training & Conditioning 3 cr. hrs.
21-22 cr. hrs.

1Required for non-education majors only.


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