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Resources for the Sabbatical and RPT Process

Click on the items below to reveal descriptions about the overall process of the RPT process.

[+] Reveal Overview of Process and Technical Guidance
  1. The faculty member fills out the electronic form found on the UVM Provost's web site (blue/green sheet)
  2. The faculty member collects all supporting materials that they would like to use as supplementary examples to their narrative in the downloaded form from step 1.
  3. The faculty member converts all of the supporting materials to PDF files and names them like: 
  4. The faculty member either meets with Laurie Gelles with all of the supplementary materials, or he/she uploads these files to their zoo account (~netid) using fetch or another SFTP program.
  5. The faculty member learns from Laurie Gelles (either in person or via email) how to create their links and put them into the form from step 1.
  6. The faculty member creates and tests all of their links in the form from step 1.
  7. The faculty member provides an electronic copy (via UVM's filetransfer, pen drive, or burned CD/DVD) to his/her reviewing chair.

At this point, the chairperson does what he/she needs to do with Kelly Circe.

[+] Reveal to read the instructions for uploading your files using the web-based UVM file manager
  1. Make sure your filenames do not have spaces, apostrophes, commas, or periods in them (except for the period before the extension .pdf)
  2. Go to:
  3. Log in using your netid and password (same as for your email)
  4. Click on the left menu item named "Zoofiles-Webpage"
  5. Click on the folder icon next to rpt in the center frame of the page
  6. Click on the folder icon next to documents in the center frame of the page
  7. Click on the Upload button at the top of the page, then in the pop-up window, click "Browse..." to find your file
  8. Find your file, click on it once to highlight it, and click on the button to choose it (usually says Okay, or Choose)
  9. Once you see your file next to the "Browse..." button, click the "Upload" button to the bottom right
  10. Click the minus button (top right of the pop-up window) to close the window once you have finished uploading your files.
[+] Reveal to read the Instructions for creating hyperlinks within your Word document

***NOTE: Each person should fill in *his or her* netid where it says "netid".***

  1. Go to the above link
  2. Type in your email username and password
  3. Right click on the file that you want to use as a link
  4. Choose "Copy Link" (or whatever is closest to that description)
  5. Open your word document
  6. Navigate to the place where you want to insert your link
  7. Click where you want to put the link in your word document
  8. Go to Edit > Paste
  9. Hit the spacebar once to make the link live
    Your link should look something like:

***NOTE: The https:// before the file name is imperative!***

Downloadable Files

Click on the items below to download Sabbatical and RPT files.


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