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8th Annual CESS Scholarship Symposium

CESS Scholarship Symposium panal
CESS Faculty Panel: Balancing Career and LIfe

Maybe you are interested in integrazione scolastica, and to find out more, you step into Michael Giangreco’s morning presentation on the, “Inclusion of students with Disabilities in Italy”; or you’ve been dreaming all winter of going down to the sea in ships, and take a seat to hear Kathy Manning’s presentation on teaching and learning during a semester spent at sea.  Possibly you’ve been reading about the Think College Vermont program, and wanting to find out more, stroll over and talk to Kiersten Hallquist, Bryan Dague, or Nichole Villemaire, about the innovative UVM/CDCI program for students with intellectual disabilities seeking a college experience.  Or never having heard of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Framework, you stop by Larry Shelton’s poster in the 4th floor rotunda in Waterman, to hear a full explanation of the way a “family’s ecosystem shapes individual and relationship development.”               

Or perhaps you are wondering why there is a little white dog with a green ribbon tied into its hair held on a leash by Nian Lisi-Baker in front of her poster.  And wandering over, you listen as she explains the role played by Psychiatric Service Dogs in helping people with mental illness regain independence.  To judge by the crowd surrounding her, one could say that she certainly ‘barked’ people’s interest!  And if dogs are not your cup of tea, but travel is, then perhaps you listen intently as Anne Gersoki and Lance Smith present their research based on their experiences of the many difficult challenges faced by counselors, social workers, and teachers working in rural Alaska. 

These are but a sample of the many research papers and posters offered by CESS faculty, staff, and students at the 8th Annual CESS Scholarship Symposium, held in Waterman, on May 2, 2013.  Given the range and quality of papers presented and posters displayed, all came away impressed by the array of topics and the quality and rigor of the research conducted.  The consensus of those in attendance was that there was a topic to spark and hold every interest.

And what better way to end the day than to join the crowd in Memorial Lounge to listen as a distinguished group of CESS faculty candidly and profoundly discuss their professional and personal strategies for Balancing Career and Life.  Clearly, no one left the room that day without having gained some insight into their own challenges from those shared by the panelists. 

A proud day for all CESS participants.  Plus a special shout out for a job well done to the 2013 Planning Committee, Jesse Suter, Chair (Center on Disability and Community Inclusion), Juliet Halladay (Department of Education), Aaron Kindsvatter (Department of Leadership and Developmental Sciences), George Leibowitz (Department of Social Work), and Lance Smith (Department of Leadership and Developmental Sciences). 

The CESS Scholarship Symposium is made possible by the Dean’s Office, the Research Council, the Symposium Planning Committee, and CESS departments.