University of Vermont

Building Better Schools: An International Objective

CESS Visiting Scholar Xu JIn discusses his research on school effectiveness and school improvement

Xu Jin and Bill Williams
Asian Studies Outreach Program Director and Visiting Scholar Xu Jin in the ASOP library

While the University of Vermont was closed for March break, Visiting Scholar Xu Jin arrived, marking the start of his 6-month research sabbatical at the College of Education and Social Services. From Ningxia region in China, Xu Jin shares CESS’s commitment to of school effectiveness and school improvement.

“My research is a school intensive development program, which is aimed at improving schools by strengthening school leadership, developing teachers’ professional skills, enhancing teaching effectiveness and improving the relationship between the school and the community.” Explained Visiting Scholar Xu Jin. In the research, Xu explains, he has found that schools in the United States face the same issue and many scholars have written a lot on the school reform and school improvement.

Xu Jin has been invited to events that will help demonstrate how various programs operate in the Vermont. Most recently, Xu Jin attended a staff meeting for the Asian Studies Outreach Program and the Governor’s Institute on Asian Cultures Presentation of Projects Day.

“I am very much interested in learning more theories and research methods from the scholars and practitioners in the U.S. so that I can apply my research in the weak schools in our region to help improve the school effectiveness and raise their achievements.” Explained Xu Jin.