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Shelley Vermilya

Shelley VermilyaLecturer

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Shelley Vermilya, Ed.D. teaches and learns with her students. Her courses weave readings with documentaries, guests and projects that are based on individual passions about the course subject. She is relentlessly curious, reads voraciously, wonders about the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual identity, dis/ability- and constantly asks questions. She believes that learning is living, and that thinking creatively and with an emphasis on socially just approaches is the most important skill to take into the world after graduation. She wants her students to know how to access information, think carefully and respectfully about hard questions, have the courage to talk and learn about differences, and to take action. Her class dynamics revolve around students taking initiative and embracing learning. Every course requires a final project that is meaningful both personally and professionally. Visit for her thinking and writing style.