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Faculty Biography | Shana Haines

Shana Haines

Shana Haines, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
Waterman 539C

I am an Assistant Professor in the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont. I came to UVM from the University of Kansas, where I studied Special Education, family-professional partnership, and disability policy. For seven years before moving to Kansas, I taught diverse elementary students in New York City and Portland, Maine. My experiences working in these contexts, especially with students who were not finding success at school, have driven me to try to make schools great places for all students. I am currently involved in researching and implementing inclusive school reform through the School-Wide Integration for Transformation (SWIFT) Center. In addition to inclusive school reform, my research interests include understanding and improving the experience of refugee families and their children with the American school system. I am also interested in researching and providing effective teacher education.


Selected Publications

  • Francis, G.L., McMullen, V.B., Blue-Banning, M., & Haines, S.J. (2013). Increasing the social skills of a student with autism through a literacy-based behavioral intervention. Intervention in School and Clinic, 49(2), 77-83. doi: 10.1177/1053451213493168.
  • Chiu, C.Y., & Haines, S.J. (2013). Parent Autonomy Support for Children with Low Achievement and Disabilities. Lynchburg College Journal of Special Education. Published online: special-education/volume-9-2013
  • Haines, S.J., & Turnbull, R. (2012). Busting barriers to fully integrating systems of education: Analyzing IDEA and applying models of disability. In J. Kleinhammer-Tramill, L. Burrello, and W. Sailor (Eds.). Unifying educational systems: Policy and leadership (pp. 67-89). New York: Routledge.
  • Kennedy, M.J., Newton, J.R., Haines, S.J., Walther-Thomas, C.S., & Kellems, R.O. (2012). A triarchic model for teaching ‘Introduction to Special Education’: Case studies, content acquisition podcasts, and effective feedback. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 20(3), 251-276.
  • Haines, S.J., McCart, A., & Turnbull, A.P. (2013). Family engagement within early childhood Response to Intervention. In V. Buysse and E. Peisner-Feinberg (Eds.) Handbook on Response to Intervention (RTI) in early childhood (pp. 313-324). New York: Brookes.

Selected Presentations

  • Haines, S.J. (2013, March). My adventures in Kansas City: A confessional tale of conducting a qualitative case study dissertation. Paper presented at the annual conference of the University of Kansas Annual Graduate Research Conference, Lawrence, KS.
  • Palmer, S.B., Stroup-Rentier, V.L., Wu, H.Y., Haines, S.J., & Summers, J.A. (2012, April). Home-school partnership to develop foundations for self-determination in young children with disabilities. Paper presented at the International Conference of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), Denver, CO.

Courses Taught in the Last 5 Years

Early Childhood Special Education Internship ; Early Literacy and Math Curriculum; Internship: Systems Development; Internship: Triadic Model Consultation; Issues Affecting Persons with Disabilities


  • Ph.D. in Special Education from University of Kansas
  • M.S. in Education from City College/ CUNY

Professional Associations

  • Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), TASH (formerly The Association for Persons with Severe Disabilities)