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Faculty Biography | Jesse Suter

Jesse Suter

Jesse Suter, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
311 Mann Hall

Jesse Suter is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont assigned to the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion in the College of Education and Social Services. He earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2006, and joined the faculty at CDCI to pursue the development, research, and evaluation of school-based interventions for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. He is pursuing a line of research in wraparound, a team-based planning process for meeting the needs of students with serious emotional and behavioral disabilities and maintaining them in their homes, schools, and communities. In this area, he has worked closely with John Burchard and Eric Bruns co-authoring several journal articles and book chapters, including the first meta-analysis of wraparound outcome studies. He also works with Michael Giangreco examining ways to improve special education service delivery for students with disabilities.

Areas of Expertise:

Assessment and Evaluation; Collaboration; Community and Social Systems; Mental Health; Psychology; Research Methods

Current Projects:

BEST: Building Effective Support for Teaching Students, BEST: Graduate Training, Center on Disability and Community Inclusion (CDCI), Project EVOLVE Plus, Vermont Youth in Transition System of Care


Selected Publications

  • Giangreco, M. F., Broer, S. M., & Suter, J. C. (2011). Guidelines for selecting alternatives to overreliance on paraprofessionals: Field-testing in inclusion-oriented schools. Remedial and Special Education, 32, 22-38. doi: 10.1177/0741932509355951  [abstract]
  • Giangreco, M. F., Doyle, M. B., & Suter, J. C. (2011). Constructively responding to requests for paraprofessionals: We keep asking the wrong questions. Remedial and Special Education. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/0741932511413472  [abstract]
  • Giangreco, M. F., Suter, J. C., & Hurley, S. M. (2011). Revisiting personnel utilization in inclusion-oriented schools. Journal of Special Education. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/0022466911419015  [abstract]
  • Giangreco, M. F., Suter, J. C., & Graf, V. (2011). Roles of team members supporting students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms. In M. F. Giangreco, C. J. Cloninger & V. S. Iverson, Choosing outcomes and accommodations for children: A guide to educational planning for students with disabilities (3rd ed., pp. 197-204). Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes.
  • Giangreco, M. F., Suter, J. C., & Doyle, M. B. (2010) Paraprofessionals in Inclusive Schools: A Review of Recent Research. Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, 20, 41-57. doi: 10.1080/10474410903535356  [abstract]


  • Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology from University of Vermont
  • M.A. in Child Clinical Psychology from Arizona State University

Professional Associations

  • American Psychological Association (APA)