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Faculty Biography | Christopher Koliba

Christopher Koliba

Christopher Koliba, Ph.D.Associate Professor

Contact Information:
103 Morrill Hall

Christopher J. Koliba is the Director of the Master of Public Administration Degree Program1 and an Associate Professor in the Community Development and Applied Economics Department and a secondary appointment with the Department of Education at the University of Vermont. He possesses a Ph.D. and a Master of Public Administration degree from Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. His research interests include organizational learning and development, governance systems and networks, cross sector collaborations, action research methods, civic education, and educational policy. His book, "Governance Networks: Public Administration and Policy in the Midst of Complexity" will be published by Taylor & Francis in the fall of 2010. His articles appears in journals: Administration & Society; the International Journal of Public Administration; Educational Policy; American Journal of Evaluation; American Behavioral Scientist; and Administrative Theory & Praxis.

Areas of Expertise:

Adult Learning; Collaboration; Democratic Governance; Educational Policy; Ethics; Leadership; Learning and Cognition; Organizational Development; Research Methods; Rural Studies; School Governance; School Transformation; Social Institutions; Social Justice; Social Policy; Social Theory


Selected Publications

  • Koliba, C., Meek, J. and Zia, A. (Accepted for publication). Gordian Knot or Integrated Theory? Critical Conceptual Considerations for Governance Network Analysis. The Future of Governance: 5th Annual TransAtlantic Dialogue Proceedings. Brandsen, T and Holzer, M. editors.
  • Westdijk, K. Koliba, C. and Hamshaw, K. (Accepted for publication). Collecting Data to Inform Decision-Making and Action: Research and Planning for School-Wide Faculty Civic Engagement. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement.
  • Koliba, C., Meek, J. and Zia, A. (2010). Governance Networks: Public Administration and Policy in the Midst of Complexity. New York: Taylor & Francis.
  • Koliba, C. and Zia, A. 2009. Dispelling the Myths of Invisible Hands and Invincible Governments: An Argument for Democratically Legitimate Inter-Organizational Governance Networks. Administrative Theory & Praxis.
  • Koliba, C. and Meek, J. 2009. 'Mixed-Form' Governance Structures: An Analytical Turn. Public. Institute of Public Governance and Management. 47(19).
  • Koliba, C. and Gajda, R. 2009. Communities of Practice as an Empirical Construct: Implications for Theory and Practice. International Journal of Public Administration. 32. 97-135.
  • Gajda, R. and Koliba, C. 2008. Evaluating and Improving the Quality of Teacher Collaboration: A Field-Tested Framework for School Leaders. NASSP Bulletin. 92 (2). 133-154.
  • Gajda, R. and Koliba, C. 2007. Evaluating the Imperative of Intra-Organizational Collaboration: A School Improvement Perspective. American Journal of Evaluation. 28(1). 26-44.
  • Koliba, C. and Lathrop, J. 2007. Inquiry as Intervention: Employing Action Research to Support an Organization's Capacity to Learn. Administration & Society. 39(1). 51-76.
  • Koliba, C., Campbell, E. and Shapiro, C. 2006. The Practice of Service-Learning in Local School-Community Contexts. Educational Policy. 20(5). 683-717.
  • Jennings, N., Swidler, S. and Koliba, C. 2005. Place-Based Education in the Standards-Based Reform Era-Conflict or Complement? American Journal of Education. 112(1). 44-65.
  • Koliba, C. 2004. Assessing Reflection Assignments for Public Affairs Courses: Implications for Educating Reflective Practitioners. The Journal of Public Affairs Education. 10(4) 295-309.

Courses Taught in the Last 5 Years

Fundamentals of Public Administration; Systems Analysis and Strategic Management


  • Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Social Science from Syracuse University