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College of Education and Social Sciences
College of Education and Social Sciences

Welcome from the Dean

Dean Fayneese MillerAs the leaves begin to turn, it is a reminder that the academic year is underway. Students and faculty have settled into their courses and the semester has begun to take shape. I recently listened to a student talking about the reason they chose our college here at the University of Vermont. Hearing his response reminded me of the passion, commitment, and drive that all of our students, faculty, and staff have to make a difference in the lives of others. This student's excitement was most evident when he described his student teaching experience, and his countdown to when he gets to do what he loves,"in real life." Read more >>.

Fast facts

  • Undergraduate students: 792
  • Graduate students: 399
  • Faculty: 101
  • Undergraduate major programs: 16
  • Master's degree programs: 12
  • Doctoral programs: 2

Our commitment to diversity

About Our College

Some programs in the present-day College of Education and Social Services have been offered at UVM for 150 years

The College of Education and Social Services prepares students to make a difference through innovative professional practice and scholarship in a changing world.

We are proud of our mission to educate and prepare outstanding professionals in education, social work, and human services; engage in scholarship of high quality; and provide exemplary professional service to Vermont, nationally, and globally.

We do this to create a more humane and just society, free from oppression, that maximizes human potential and the quality of life for all individuals, families and communities.

Our graduates make us proud

CESS graduates can be found around every corner in the United States and abroad, engaged in every possible sector of the helping professions. Connect with CESS people.

  • They teach art, music, reading, math, physical education and many other subjects in public and private pre-schools, kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools.
  • They are principals and superintendents of school districts in Vermont and elsewhere in the nation.
  • They are Deans of Students, faculty, student affairs professionals and administrators at colleges and universities.
  • They work in public arts programs, museums, galleries, and health, education, justice and social service agencies.
  • They are enrolled in Masters and Doctoral programs in the fine arts, music, education, social work, art therapy, family therapy, family law and counseling.
  • They are employed in social work positions in hospice centers, the Department of Immigration Services, Northeastern Family Institute, the Vermont Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, and in other health, education, justice and social service agencies.
  • They work in the human services or strive to improve the quality of the workplace in the private sector, museums, foundations, or health, educational, and governmental agencies.
  • They direct youth programs in alternative educational settings, teach in the Peace Corps, and work in museums, science centers, software companies and government educational agencies. CESS graduates are everywhere, striving to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Short history of the college

  • 19th century - Department of Education was housed in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • 1913 - Courses in Agricultural Studies and Home Economics Education were added
  • 1930s - Courses in Business, Music, and Industrial Education were added
  • 1951 - Left the College of Arts and Sciences to establish a separate College of Education and Nursing
  • 1968 - Nursing became its own school
  • 1973 - The College redefined its mission and title to be inclusive of all programs offered and was renamed the College of Education and Social Services (CESS) — the name it carries today
  • Since 1970 - The college expanded to include Physical Education, Education Administration, Counseling, Special Education, Human Development, and Social Work

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