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  • Social Work major Bijoux Bahati's small classes and supportive faculty poised her to conduct interesting research.

    Her research on refugee young adults was of particular personal interest to Bijoux.

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  • Elementary education major Geoffrey Pac has already spent time in two local schools.

    "There is really nothing like seeing the things that you read and learn about in class actually happening for real."

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  • Social Work major Ly Nguyen was not sure what to expect when she started her field work.

    But her time at the North Eastern Family Institute's group home has proven to be "a really supportive place."

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  • Secondary Education major Brian Vedder has learned the importance of getting out into the field.

    He has taken courses with field placements, but also sees the value of volunteering at a local youth center.

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  • Elementary Education major Ben Brezic wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.

    After growing up abroad, and a 16 year career as a chef, he decided that Elementary Education was his passion.

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  • Social Work major Rachel Schneider values the fact that her professors are active researchers.

    She is excited about going into a profession where she will be able to conduct research while being a practitioner.

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  • With a dual endorsement in Elementary and Special Education Caroline McKissock had a lot of opportunity to learn about pedagogy and practice.

    She liked the way her classes complemented each other.

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The College of Education and Social Services provides students with the necessary academic and practical opportunities to become lifelong learners who are committed to addressing the educational and human service needs of Vermont and the nation.

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Lori Erbrederis Meyer, assistant professor of early childhood

The Power of Best Friends

Dropping off a child at kindergarten for the first time can be one of the most memorable yet terrifying experiences of parenthood. Among the many concerns parents face is the worry whether your child will make friends – a key factor, research shows, in reducing anxiety, depression and the likelihood of being bullied. 

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Our accelerated Master's degree programs in Middle Level Education, Secondary Education, and Special Education can be completed within one additional academic year.



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