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2011 Recruitment Video text:

Hello, I’m Chip Cole- Interim Dean of the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at The University of Vermont. I welcome you to our campus and invite you to sit back and enjoy some of the great things about UVM.

On screen: The power of engineering thought

On Screen: Prof. Chris Danforth, Mathematics & Statistics:

We challenge our students everyday to use their imagination to create innovative solutions and to be intellectually curious and find the holes in their scientific intuition.

On Screen: Prof. Donna Rizzo, School of Engineering

One of the nice things at UVM is the size and the fact that your faculty get to know you – makes, I think, unusual opportunities for undergraduates.

On Screen: Introduction to CEMS

Allison, Environmental Engineering

This summer, I was able to travel to Bozeman, Montana to collect and process Tubifex tubifex and them came back here to analyze them, and now we are in the processing of writing and submitting our research for publication.

On Screen: Anthony, School of Engineering

I went to Costa Rica for a conservation monitoring project.

On Screen: Prof. Arne Bomblies, School of Engineering

Undergraduate research experiences are wonderful for students because they open doors for career opportunities.

On Screen, Prof. Jackie Hordon, Computer Science

One of our goals in this College is to allow students to work across disciplines. This trains the students to work in a highly interdisciplinary, collaborative environment.

On Screen: David, Double Major, Mathematics and Business

I’m an applied mathematics major and a business major with a concentration in finance.

On Screen: Brianna, Civil Engineering

This summer I will be going down to Honduras to do watershed and restoration work and community development work too.

On Screen: Prof. Alan Ling, Computer Science

In today’s working environment, employers expect students to reinvent themselves so having a strong theoretical background allows them to pick up new knowledge and apply the new knowledge to the working environments.

On Screen: Prof. Paul Hines, School of Engineering:

One of our goals is to prepare students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

My goals as a researcher is to make electricity more reliable, more economically efficient and with less environmental cost. My goal as an educator is to train students who will become the engineers who will design the electricity infrastructure of tomorrow.

On Screen: Prof. Jane Hill, School of Engineering

Our research here in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences goes from the very fundamental all the way through to the applied involving undergraduates all the way through to post doctoral researchers.

On Screen: Franz, School of Engineering

For me as an international student coming from Germany, I was amazed by the level of hospitality and interest that was shown in me, especially by the teaching staff, and our advisors who helped me to settle in and actually made it possible for me to call UVM “home”!

On Screen :Fu-Chiung, Mathematics and Statistics

As students here, it is easy to get involved because there are many clubs and associations and organizations for students that you have interest in – anything you that you want.

On Screen :Matt, Environmental Engineering

If you can walk through the snow, yeh, you can do anything you want to.

On Screen :Kelsey , Electrical Engineering

Downtown Burlington is actually one of the most key points why I came here. It’s very close, it’s within walking distance with tons of live bands all the time, and there’s great restaurants, there’s the mall down there, there’s cute little boutique shops – it’s just a great time down there. And the waterfront is close, you can go down there and watch the sunset, or just hang out by the water, play some Frisbee – it’s really nice how close it is!

On Screen: Prof. Alan Ling, Computer Science

And the fact that Burlington is so close to Montreal and Boston, it allows me to do a weekend trip to the city and enjoy the rich culture activities.

On screen: Prof. Josh Bongard, Computer Science

I encourage students to pursue their passion while here on campus. Knock on doors, find out what your professors are doing, and get involved in research projects here at the undergraduate level. As an undergraduate myself, I took the initiative, found out what my professors were working on and I was fortunate to get involved with a professor who was building robots and luckily for me that lead to a career in robotics and research here at UVM.

CHIP COLE: I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction to the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Vermont. I invite you to join us! Become part of a College that gives YOU the power to change the world.

On screen: CEMS – College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

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