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Transcript for "CEMS Update: December 2009"

Hello and welcome to the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at University of Vermont. My name is Bernard Cole and I am the Interim Dean of the College. It is my pleasure to convey to you some of the great things going on right now in our college.

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The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences has made great strides in advancing the emerging field of Complex Systems Science, an area which holds tremendous promise for the development of novel solutions to the challenges facing our global society.

Scrolling text: "Complex Systems: Sets of adapting entities interacting with each other and their environment in dynamic ways."

In January 2010, the University of Vermont will welcome to its faculty Professor Stuart Kauffman -- one of the world's most eminent scientists -- a founder of the field of complex systems science and a pioneer of biocomplexity research.

Photo of Stuart Kauffman

A recipient of a MacArthur "Genius" Fellowship, Professor Kauffman will work in collaboration with University of Vermont faculty in our recently-established Complex Systems Center. He holds a joint faculty appointment in the College of Medicine and the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at University of Vermont.

In addition, our college has been fortunate to recently recruit a number of outstanding new faculty who are pursuing exciting and innovative research.

Dr. Peter Dodds, a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award. Dr. Dodds is also affiliated with the Vermont Advanced Computing Center and the Complex Systems Center.

Photo of Peter Dodds

The Vermont Public Television program, "Emerging Science," will feature Dr. Dodds' research in complex social networks and the world-wide web on January 27, 2010.

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Dr. John Voight, also a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, received a National Science Foundation Award for his research activities in the area of number theory.

Photo of John Voight

Dr. Voight is one of the newest professors in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Professor Xindong Wu, Chairman of the Department of Computer Science, received a National Science Foundation collaborative research grant in the area of data mining.

Photo of Xindong Wu

This project will provide a foundation for interdisciplinary collaborations between faculty members in Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering, Biology and Medicine.

Most recently, research from the UVM Vermont Advanced Computing Center (VACC) by Professors Paul Hines and Joshua Bongard was featured by the French newspaper L'Atelier. Their project called "EnergyMinder" is designed to understand the effects of social networking sites on energy consumption.

Photo of EnergyMinder homepage on computer screen

Dr. Hines is a professor in the School of Engineering and his work focuses on the importance of energy and energy policy to the study of complex systems.

Photo of Paul Hines

Dr. Bongard is a professor of computer science and was featured on the Discovery Channel for his cutting edge self-healing robot.

Photo of Josh Bongard

Dr. Bongard also co-authored the MIT Press book, "How the Body Shapes the Way We Think: A New View of Intelligence."

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Our goal is to educate and train future leaders in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics.

Text: "Our students will be prepared to provide those solutions."

The global challenges faced by humankind need innovative solutions. Engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists and statisticians will undoubtedly play major roles in addressing these challenges.

Be sure to visit the CEMS web site for the latest exciting news about CEMS. My warmest wishes to each of you for the holiday season and the upcoming new year!

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