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Engineering Design Principles (For High School Teachers)

July 11 - 18, 2015
Votey 369 CEMS 295
(0-3 Credits)
Program fee: $600 with no academic credits, OR, the current cost of UVM credits for up to 3 credits.
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  • The Next Generation Science Standards necessitate that K-12 classes weave engineering design into their science and math curricula.
  • This course is designed to support teachers in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and resources for developing and facilitating engineering projects that are both motivational and academically rigorous.

In this week-long course, teacher-learners will study and practice the engineering design process and explore engineered solutions to problems in the areas of energy, environment and health. Discussions will focus on: the key elements of engineering design; teacher practices that enable student understanding of content and engineering; the challenges of and opportunities for engineering in the secondary classroom. Throughout the week, attendees will also interface with high-school students working on design projects to observe how instructors facilitate students’ work. Teacher-learners will complete small projects to demonstrate the engineering design cycle. Teacher-learners will conduct group work to plan an engineering design activity for their own content area. Case studies will be explored in which the engineering design process was applied to create solutions to real-world problems related to energy, environment and/or health.

The expectation is that all teachers will leave the course with an understanding of how to effectively highlight and extend their current curriculum to emphasize and cultivate the principles of engineering design.

This course is being offered through a collaboration between the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation.


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