Ph.D. Requirements

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Vermont

1. Minimum Requirements Specified by UVM Graduate College

.1 75 credit hours total. This can be split between coursework and dissertation research.

.2 15 credit hours coursework at UVM.

.3 51 credit hours accumulated in residence at UVM.

.4 24 credit hours maximum allowable for transfer from other institutions.

.5 Teaching requirement, specified by department, must be satisfied.

.6 Language requirement is optionally required by department.

.7 Studies Committee - 4 faculty members, 3 min. are members of Graduate College.

.8 Written Doctoral Comprehensive Exam - must be passed 6 months prior to submission of dissertation.

.9 Dissertation Research - minimum 20 credit hours of dissertation research supervised by member of Graduate College.

.10 Oral Dissertation Defense - Dissertation Defense Committee determines Pass/Fail status.

.11 Dissertation Defense Committee - 4 faculty members, usually all from Graduate College, 2 minimum inside Dept., 1 minimum outside Dept., and outsider is Chairperson.

.12 Concurrent Master's and Ph.D. Credit Up to 24 hours of course work for which graduate credit is earned at UVM in an M.S. program may be applied toward a Ph.D., provided the credit is appropriate for a Ph.D.

2. Supplemental Mechanical Engineering Requirements

.1 A minimum of 15 credit hours in graduate-level Mechanical Engineering courses at UVM. This can include M.S. credits earned at UVM.

.2 A minimum of 9 additional credit hours in graduate-level Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Physical or Life Sciences.

.3 Teaching requirement - by either: A. Giving 2 seminars (Dissertation defense can count as a seminar), B. serving as a GTF for one semester, or C. Attending a UVM teaching workshop.

.4 Language requirement - none.

.5 Doctoral Comprehensive Exam - Must pass combined written and oral comprehensive exam. Details given in Section 3.

.6 Dissertation Proposal - A proposal of the dissertation research must be presented to and approved by the Dissertation Committee. The Doctoral Comprehensive Exam must be passed prior to the Dissertation Proposal.

3. Doctoral Comprehensive Examination

.1 The candidate must pass a combined written and oral examination.

.2 The candidate is given a maximum of 2 opportunities to pass the examination.

.3 The Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator will be responsible for administering the examination.

.4 Examinations can be scheduled once each semester.

.5 An examination committee consisting of a minimum of 3 Mechanical Engineering Department faculty and 1 from outside the Department will be the examiners. Faculty with secondary appointments in the Mechanical Engineering Department will be considered as from the outside.

.6 The first part of the examination will be in a written closed book format that has 2 3-hour sessions.

.7 The second part of the examination is the oral portion. The written examination must be graded before the oral examination.

.8 Following the oral examination, the examination committee will decide the pass/fail status.


Last updated 9/9/99