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Graduate Program
Electrical Engineering

ECE Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering at the University of Vermont (UVM) offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. For more information, see the links to the right and the ECE Graduate Student Handbook.

Faculty Research Expertise

Please see the list below of our primary areas of research. Click the faculty member's link for more information about our work in each area or click here to see a summary of their work.

Energy and Electromagnetics
Faculty: Paul Hines and Kurt Oughstun

Signal Processing and Communications
Faculty: Jeff Frolik and Gagan Mirchandani

Materials and Devices
Faculty: Steve Titcomb, Walter Varhue and Tian Xia

Control and Dynamical Systems
Faculty: Mary Dunlop

Example Research Projects

The School of Engineering structure fosters interdisciplinary research. Examples of ongoing projects can be explored through the focus area links below: