Bioengineering Graduate Program

Core Faculty

Pulmonary Research

Structural Dynamics of Molecular Motors

Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Systems and Synthetic Biology

Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering,
Drug Delivery

Affiliated Faculty

Mathematical Biology

Cerebral Bioengineering

Clinical Engineering and Instrumentation Design

Biophysics of Complex Fluids

Computational Biosciences

Radiology, Ultrasound

Postural Control Measurements

Microcirculatory Blow Flow Phenomena

Whole Body Vibrations

Pulmonary Research

Spine Biomechanics, Surgery and Fixation

Biofluid Flows, Algae Biofuels

Muscle Biomechanics and Protein Engineering

Bioelectromagnetic Modeling

Multiscale Modeling

Rehabilitation Engineering

Spine Biomechanics and Spinal Deformity

Biological Molecular Motors

Biomechanics of Movement and Posture

Smooth Muscle Mechanics and Ultrasound

Mathematical Biology