University of Vermont


Video Demonstrations of the Final 2011-12 Design Projects

 Project Name (Client)
A Zero-Emissions Vehicle for Transporting Scientific Payloads Across Permanent Frozen Landscapes (NASA)
Interactive Electromechanical Educational Display (IBM & ECHO Museum)
Votey Roof Solar Array Test Facility (UVM Clean Energy Fund)
Design of an Algae Biofuel Mixing Test Facility (Dept. of Energy)
Analog Modeling Effects Processor (Student Sponsored)
Design Refinement and Extension of a Miniaturized Moving Ferro-Fluid Gyroscope for Small Spacecraft (NASA)
CATSAT2: Extension of the UVM CubeSat Prototype (NASA)
Low Cost Actuation & Non-contact Sensors (Goodrich)
Wireless Monitoring of Maple Sap Tubing Systems (UVM Proctor Maple Research Center)
Practical Human Power Transducer for Application in the Developing World (Pedal Power)
Molten Chocolate Pump (College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences)
Portable Radar System (MITRE Corp)
Ohmic Steam Wand (Ideas Well Done)
Refinement and Automation of a Hops Baler for Small Vermont Producers (UVM Extension Services)
Design of Historic Windows Energy Efficiency Facility (National Park Service)
Underwater Vehicle Attitude and Inertial Navigation System Test Fixture (GreenSea)
A Portable Interrogator for Passive Wireless Sensors
Energy Harvesting from Helicopter Vibration (Goodrich)
UAV Wind Speed Measurement Without Pitot Tubes (Applied Research Associates)
Adjustable Suspension for an Off-Road Vehicle (UVM Baja Club)
Cryo-Pump Poppet Valve Redesign (IBM)