University of Vermont


SEED Projects 2009-10

Below is a listing of the intriguing SEED projects our students worked on in 09-10.

Project Company/Organization Faculty Mentor/PI
Chiller for chemical mechanical processing - redesign for efficiency IBM Yves Dubief
Climate control system for cheese aging facility Jasper Hill Cheese Cave Will Louisos
Collapsible ultra-light moped Startup Mike Rosen
Convection chamber UVM Yves Dubief
Energy-storing elliptical trainer UVM Fitness Center Mike Rosen / Paul Hines
Interactive Driver Information Display ("2ID") for UVM hybrid race car UVM Jeff Frolik
Low-temp epitaxial loader (robot) redesign IBM TBA
Luge Launcher ("SLEET") using stored human energy American Luge Team Mike Rosen
Mars Dust Curtain: Removing dust from solar panels of Mars Landers NASA Jeff Frolik
Multi-rower haptic training machine UVM Mike Colman / Art Michalek
On-site military 3D-printing of new and replacement parts MITRE Josh Bongard / Victor Rossi
Ozone-based hand santizer Ideas Well Done TBA
Radical waste-free packaging for K-cups Green Mt. Coffee Roasters Mike Rosen
Real-time monitoring of fuel and exhaust UVM Transportation Research Center Britt Holmén / Bob Jenkins
Rebar wire lashing tool Startup Sue Conklin
Solid-phase concentration monitoring for cleaner, more efficient coal burning Auburn Systems Jeff Marshall
Stone-cutting tools with improved effectiveness and ergonomics Trow and Holden Mike Rosen
Tactile touch screen for graphical communication by blind users National Federation of the Blind Mike Rosen / Mike Coleman
Test stand for testing micro-nozzles for small satellites NASA Darren Hitt
Trade show exhibit demonstrating capacities and small size of OEM computers Logic Supply TBA
Vegetable washing facility for small community-supported agriculture site Intervale Mike Rosen
Wearable disc decompression device Startup James Iatridis / Sharon Henry

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