University of Vermont


Fluid Dynamics

An Application Area of the Multiscale Systems Research Focus

Faculty and students involved in the Fluid Dynamics application area work on topics involving application of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics to areas such as aerodynamics, microfluidics, medicine, biofuels and nanoparticulates. Faculty work in close collaboration with researchers in the College of Medicine and with a variety of regional companies and state and federal agencies.

Example Projects

Darren Hitt

    High-speed video of the firing of a H2O2 monopropellant micro-thruster.
  • Experiments and computational analysis of complex and multi-component microfluidic flows.
  • Experiments using a micro-Schlierin technique and computations of supersonic micro-nozzle flows for micro-satellites.

A simulation of the transport and stretching of polymer molecules around a vortex in a shear (top views).Yves Dubief

  • Computational analysis of the dynamics of polymeric molecules in turbulent flows.

Doug Fletcher Air plasma jet at von Karman Institute.

  • Planar laser-induced fluorescent analysis of chemical concentration field in reactive flows, with application to high-speed aerodynamic flows.

Jeff Marshall

Two-color volumetric LIF image showing horseshoe vortices
  • Study of particle aggregate formation and adhesion to surfaces, with application to filtration technology, blood mechanics and thrombosis, sediment transport, dust clogging, and nanoparticle dispersion techniques.
  • Study of three-dimensional vortex interaction with structures, using a combination of PIV- and LIF-based experiments and computational methods.