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CEMS - The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Subject: Electrical Engineering


EE 001 - First-year Design Experience

Introduction to the engineering profession and design. Hands-on experiences that emphasize interdisciplinary teamwork, technical communications, and project design methodologies. Cross-listed with: ME 001.

EE 004 - Linear Circuit Analysis II

Sinusoids and phasors. Sinusoidal steady-state response and power. Complex frequency and network functions. Resonance. Laplace transform techniques. Fourier series and Fourier transforms. Prerequisite: EE 003. Co-requisite: MATH 271.

EE 082 - Linear Circuits Laboratory II

Transients in RLC circuits; steady state sinusoidal response in RLC circuits; real and reactive power in RLC circuits; operational amplifier active filters. Prerequisite: EE 081. Co-requisite: EE 004.

EE 003 - Linear Circuit Analysis I

Circuit elements, laws, and analysis. Network principles and theorems. Energy- storage elements. Magnetically coupled circuits. Transient analysis and time constants. Prerequisite: MATH 022.

EE 081 - Linear Circuits Laboratory I

Electrical instruments; oscilloscope measurements; resistive, capacitive, and inductive components; applications of operational amplifiers; digital-to-analog converters; transient response of RL and RC circuits. Co-requisite: EE 003.

EE 100 - Electrical Engr Concepts

Fundamentals of electrical engineering; DC and AC linear circuit analysis; laboratory component. No credit for Electrical Engineering majors. Co-requisite: PHYS 125.

EE 095 - Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. Prerequisite: Department permission.

EE 101 - Digital Control w/Embedded Sys

Applications of single-chip microcomputers as embedded systems for data acquisition/real time control. Assembly language; parallel and serial ports; timers; counters; A/D and D/A. Laboratory. Prerequisite: EE 100.

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