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Term: Spring 2015

Subject: Civil & Environmental Engr

CE 001 - Statics

Fundamentals of statics; composition and resolution of forces; the analysis of force systems in two and three dimensions; and centroids and moments of inertia. Prerequisites: CHEM 031, PHYS 031, MATH 021, MATH 022, CS 020.

CE 101 - Materials and Structures Lab

Experimental stress analysis methods; experimental verification of static force-displacement relationship for beams, frames and trusses; fundamental mechanical properties of metals, plastics, and wood; effects of size, shape, method, speed of loading and strain history on these properties. Co-requisites: CE 100 or ME 014, and CE 170.

CE 132 - Environmental Systems

Systems thinking and the systems approach as applied to environmental systems with linkages to transportation; feedback and emergent properties; systems modeling; economics; environmental engineering introduction (mass balance, hydrology, air pollution). Prerequisites: CHEM 031, PHYS 031, MATH 021, MATH 022, CS 020.

CE 151 - Water & Wastewater Engineering

Design of treatment systems for water supply, groundwater remediation, domestic and hazardous wastewater, sewer design; semester-long design projects; ethics; environmental health impacts; governmental regulations. Co-requisite: CE 132.

CE 170 - Structural Analysis

Analysis of statically determinate beams, frames, and trusses; expected loads, reactions; influence lines; moving loads; geometric methods for displacement calculations; introduction to matrix analysis for trusses. Prerequisites: CE 100 or ME 014, MATH 271, CS 020.

CE 173 - Reinforced Concrete

Analysis of stresses in plain and reinforced concrete members; design of reinforced concrete structures; and theory of prestressed concrete. Prerequisite: CE 170.

CE 175 - Senior Design Project

Student teams will integrate the multiple areas of specialization in Civil/Environmental Engineering in comprehensive design experience; professional practice; ethics; written and oral presentations to professional review panels. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

CE 180 - Geotechnical Principles

Characteristics and classification of soils; physical, mechanical and hydraulic properties of soils; seepage; the effective stress principle; stress distribution, consolidation, settlement; shear strength; laboratory testing. Prerequisite: CE 100 or ME 14.

CE 195 - Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. Prerequisites: Senior standing in Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering.

CE 253 - Transportation & Air Quality

Air pollution sources, measurement methods, legislation, vehicle emissions formation, control and transport processes. Emphasis on emission factor and dispersion multi-scale modeling using latest modeling tools. Prerequisite: CE 133.

CE 255 - Phys/Chem Proc Water/Wstwater

Theory of physical/chemical processes for treating waters and wastewaters; reactor dynamics, mass transfer, adsorption, ion exchange, precipitation. Prerequisite: CE 151.

CE 273 - Structural Design - Wood

Analysis and design of solid and glue laminated timber members and structural systems including tension members, beams, columns, beam-columns, diaphragms, shear walls and connections; LRFD and ASD design methods; application of IBC for timber systems; current developments in wood design/construction. Prerequisite: CE 170.

CE 284 - Site Characterization

A comprehensive approach to subsurface site characterization for geotechnical and environmental designs and a systems approach for integrating the two. Prerequisites: CE 160, CE 180.

CE 295 - Special Topics

Content is dictated by expanding professional interest in newly developing, or recently developed, technical areas in which there is particular need or opportunity. Prerequisite: Senior/Graduate standing.

CE 359 - Appld Artificial Neural Ntwrks

Introduction to artificial neural networks. A broad range of example algorithms are implemented in MATLAB. Research applications to real data are emphasized. Prerequisites: CS 020, STAT 223 or equivalent. Cross-listed with: CSYS 359.

CE 393 - CEE Graduate Seminar

Presentation and discussion of advanced problems, research, and current topics in Civil & Environmental Engineering by faculty, graduate students, and outside guest speakers. Prerequisite: Graduate student in Civil & Environmental Engineering.

CE 395 - Advanced Special Topics

Advanced topics in recently developed technical areas. Hours and credits as arranged.

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