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CEMS Faculty Edit Prestigious Journals

The history of scientific journals dates from 1665 when the French Journal des sçavans and the English Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society first began systematically publishing research results. Over a thousand journals were founded in the 18th century, and the number has increased rapidly ever since (D. A. Kronick, "History of Scientific and Technical Periodicals," 2nd ed. Scarecrow, 1976).

Today the role of peer-reviewed journals is critical to furthering the progress of legitimate science. The operation and review process of these journals is typically conducted under the oversight of a distinguished board of Editors. At UVM, the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences is home to many world-class scholars that serve as either Editors-in-Chief or Associate Editors of prestigious journals.

"Editorial positions are important career milestones for faculty who have achieved excellence and recognition in their chosen fields of study," says John Hughes, provost of UVM. "The comprehensive knowledge required to be an editor reflects extensive study of a specific field. We are proud to have many of our faculty serving as editors and associate editors for these important scientific research journals."

The journals on which have UVM CEMS faculty members serve as editors, associate editors, or members on editorial boards are as follows: