Prospective Students

Discover the Possibilities

At UVM's College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS), our students and faculty are immersed in an atmosphere of discovery that stretches across disciplines to find answers to complex and challenging problems in engineering, mathematics and computer science.

Our students learn from and work with faculty members who are pioneering new knowledge at the forefront of engineering and the computational sciences. Participation in this research-enhanced environment opens a world of possibilities for students and produces inspired individuals: critical thinkers and creative leaders to address the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

Our Facilities

Instructor Tom Rogers teaching Math 21

Adding to the capabilities of specialized laboratory, computing and research facilities across the disciplines, CEMS has recently acquired and renovated Perkins Hall to accommodate two state-of-the-art computing and teaching laboratories, new and improved mechanical and biomedical facilities, and a beautifully designed student lounge to accommodate our growing student population.

Currently, CEMS has its own Unix-based computer facility, consisting of several servers, five computer labs and an excellent support staff. The five labs consist of high-powered PCs that dual boot to Windows or Linux, and are loaded with the latest software packages such as Solidworks, AutoCAD, MATLAB, and various other packages specified by the faculty. The servers are Linux machines and CEMS students are encouraged to write and run programs on them. All computers in CEMS connect to the same file server and user files are available on all computers throughout the College.

Your Preparation

Undergraduate Programs

Students with strong performance in a college preparatory program, including chemistry, physics and calculus, and with an 1800 combined New SAT score or better, would be well positioned for success in CEMS. For more detailed information, please see our high school requirements and contact UVM Admissions.

Graduate Programs

The graduate student experience in CEMS is exciting and fulfilling, with a world-class faculty and a multitude of options across engineering, computer sciences and mathematical sciences. To be eligible for admission to any program, applicants must hold a U.S. baccalaureate degree or an equivalent international degree earned prior to the date of first graduate enrollment. Individual degree programs may have additional requirements. For more information, please contact the Graduate College.

Learn More About Us

We invite you to explore the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, both online and in person. We welcome the opportunity to share with you our community of talented individuals and their commitment to excellence in research, education, and service. To plan a visit, please fill out this form and we will send you more information.