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Start date: Fall, Spring

Learning Format: On Campus

Tuition: 15 credit hours

Accreditation: Certificate

Complex Systems

UVM’s Graduate Certificate in Complex Systems will provide you with cutting-edge approaches to help you move to the forefront of your field and stand out when competing in a tough job market.

In complex physical, biological, social and engineered systems, the self-organizing dynamics of interacting entities (be they molecules, cells, genes, bacteria, plants, birds, humans, nanobots, electrical substations, etc.) give rise to emergent system properties (such as consciousness, cancer, global warming, societies, etc.). Fortunately, many essential properties of such systems may be studied, modeled and understood using similar approaches, regardless of the application domain. The Complex Systems (CSYS) Center is an emerging strength at UVM, one where the institution has already begun to assert leadership. CSYS research uses sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques to analyze real-world challenges, from developing next-generation information technology for a national smart grid to mapping the global influence of social media.

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For Certificate Requirements, visit the Complex Systems Certificate Requirements (PDF)

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