Research - Algebra and Number Theory

Number theory researchers at UVM enjoy participation in the stimulating Québec-Vermont Number Theory Seminar, an extremely active and high-quality gathering of mathematicians from several institutions in Quebec and Vermont that has run since 1984. At least twice a month, a seminar day will present two or three speakers discussing recent work. Often these are top researchers describing cutting-edge results of major significance. Outside of the lectures seminar participants talk informally and develop collaborations. In this arena, Professors Dummit, Foote and Sands of UVM have collaborated with R. Murty and J. Labute of McGill, H. Kisilevsky, K. Murty, and X. Roblot of Concordia, and L. Simons of St. Michael's College. For more details, see Québec-Vermont Number Theory Seminar.