Enroll in WebAssign (MATH 021, 022, 023, or 121)

Note: If you took MATH 021 or 022 or 023 at UVM within the last year or two, your Life-of-Edition access should carry over and you will not have to pay again, as long as you use your existing username. If you have not previously purchased WebAssign access, you can sign in on the temporary free trial for now and enter payment information later.

How to Enroll in WebAssign for Your Class

Follow the steps below to enroll in Web Assign for the class that you are in. Note the order of operations: you must enter the Class Key before logging in.

  1. Go to www.webassign.net and follow the link "Enter Class Key"


  2. Enter the class key provided by your instructor. Type uvm in the first field, followed by the two sets of 4 digits you were given.
  3. Verify that you have the correct course and instructor.
  4. Almost all students should have an existing WebAssign account that was assigned for taking the Math Readiness Test (or from taking a previous UVM MATH class). Choose the option I already have a WebAssign account and log in. For most people your username will be the same as your UVM netid. Your institution code is uvm. The password is whatever you chose when you took the Math Readiness Test or used WebAssign in a previous math class at UVM.

    If your username doesn't work or you don't know your WebAssign password, follow the reset your password link, and fill out the form. The email address on the form must match the email address associated with your WebAssign credentials. For most people this will be your UVM email address in the form of netid@uvm.edu. Note that this address goes to the exact same place as your "pretty" UVM address in the form of first.last@uvm.edu, but only one of these addresses is associated with your WebAssign account. Try the netid@uvm.edu first, and if that doesn't work try the other version of your UVM email address. If you don't know the other version of your UVM email, click on Search at the top of this page and look yourself up in the UVM Directory. If neither address works, please contact math@uvm.edu for further assistance.

  5. If you are certain that do not have an existing WebAssign Account, choose I need to create a WebAssign Account and continue to the next screen, where you can set up an account. Please use your UVM netid as the username (but with some other password, not your UVM password).

  6. If you have not already purchased WebAssign access, there will be an option to pay now or continue on a temporary Free Trial. The WebAssign access is not refundable, so it is best to use the Free Trial for the first week or so, until you are sure you won't be dropping the course.
  7. Once you are logged in, you will be able to access the eBook and homework assignments for your class.