University of Vermont

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Internship Program with Vermont Department of Health

Testimonial from a Former Intern

"I really loved the opportunity to see how statistics were used in the real world! I worked with a great team of statisticians in Research and Statistics Section at the Health Department. My main responsibility was to produce a databook for 2009 and 2010 for the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), which is a survey for new mothers in Vermont who recently had a baby. After finishing my project, I was so impressed to find out that data we gathered were then shared with appropriate group of people in and out of the Department, e.g. data on pregnant women and smoking were shared with Tobacco Control Program, or oral health status of pregnant women were shared with the Office of Oral Health and VT Oral Health Coalition. Those data are used to shape the new and/or existing programs to accommodate the Vermonters in the best possible ways and knowing I had some part in it (though small) it made my internship so much more meaningful. I also had the opportunity to learn new statistical software (SPSS) which is widely used in the state department. My internship experience worked as a bridge between school work and the real world, preparing me to go out and look for a job with less unknowns."

Overview of VDH Internship Program