Predicting the Future: The State of the College 2007

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Successes and Challenges

Let me review some of the highlights of the last year, as well as discuss some of the challenges that lay ahead.

First, I would like to recognize the academic unit heads and associate deans: Jeff Marshall, Jim Burgmeier, Sean Wang (filling in for Xindong, who is on sabbatical), and Jun Yu. Being situated between the faculty and the dean's office is not always as pleasant an assignment as it appears. These individuals have been dedicated to helping to sustain this College's excellence and move us forward with enthusiastic and unwavering commitment.

On the adminstrative side, I would like to recognize Dan Harvey for his indefatigable efforts, his keen insight, and his ability to keep his eye on our vision and mission with regard to the many decisions that we face daily.

Recent Hires

Certainly, the most important and exciting highlights of the last year are our recent hires.

After international searches, we are very proud to announce that the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences has recently hired:

I'm also pleased to announce some new members of the CEMS staff:

At last year's retreat, a major recommendation was that we hire a grant administrator to help PIs with their projects. In response to that recommendation, I am very happy to announce that we have hired Anthony Fouche as our new grant administrator. He'll be working 50% of the time in support of Karen Bernard and SoE grant projects, and 50% of the time with Monika Ursiny to support College-wide grant projects. He comes to us from the Miami Dade Parks and Recreation Services in Florida and his start date is September 17, 2007.

Another recommendation from faculty, during that same retreat, was that we hire an individual to help attract research funding and help faculty members move appropriate technologies to the marketplace. I am very happy to announce that we are working to establish such a position, which will benefit our faculty, the college, the university and the State.


As with any great institution of higher learning, the key to success is balance. Balance among the three traditional areas of faculty life: scholarship, teaching and service. This past year saw many awards to the College that underscore our commitment to excellence in all of these areas. Some of the most notable accomplishments that brought distinction to the university and the College include:





We hosted a Chinese delegation to help improve environmental issues in China and are working on co-sponsoring a conference next year in China.

We hosted MITRE Corporation senior leadership to discuss collaboration on complex systems between UVM and IBM.

We arranged to have Dr. Jim Spohrer, Director of Service Systems Engineering for IBM - Almanden California Research Center, to spend a week at CEMS as a distinguished visiting scholar.

Grant Activity

As a College we published 102 journal articles.

At the graduate level, we have 151 total graduate students of which 60 masters students and 50 doctoral students are full time (enrolled for more than 6 credits).

Outreach/Public Relations


Our development success is in no small manner attributable to the hard work and diligence of Kim Aldous. Unfortunately, we lost Kim to World Learning, a Vermont-based not-for-profit that fosters global citizenship through experiential education and community-driven development programs, and we wish her the best of luck. The development metrics are good: we have increased 68% over FY06.


We expect the following initiatives to assist the College:


After persistent negotiations and lobbying, we have approximately $1 million in renovations currently ongoing in Votey to accommodate new research labs. I would also like to note a remarkable trend in interdisciplinary research proposals, and a growing willingness by the faculty to share research lab space. It is this approach that will help us all succeed.

A new building is currently in the second tier of priorities.

Faculty Searches (7)

All of our faculty searches will focus on complex systems.

SoE Math

After these hires we will still have 9 new lines.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the faculty members who have consented to serve on or chair the committees. You will be instrumental in helping us continue to hire the best and brightest!

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