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Student Services

Student Services representatives Michelle Mayette, Marnie Owen, Joan Rosebush, & Genevieve Anthony
Student success at CEMS starts with the Office of Student Services. The Office welcomes students to Votey Hall and provides our academic unit with a one-stop locale for assistance.

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Contact CEMS Student Services:

103 Votey Hall

Commonly completed tasks include registration help, advisor changes, help completing forms, and help interpreting University policy and protocol. More importantly, Student Services provides specific and intensive personal academic counseling on a broad spectrum of issues that may affect a student's academic performance.

Although academic advising resides primarily in the hands of the faculty, the support and advice our students receive from the experienced staff of the Office of Student Services is integral to ensuring that our students navigate their college years as easily as possible.

By helping our students handle all their non-academic requirements expeditiously, we can ensure that everyone has a chance for success and provide the best possible environment for earning a degree in this rigorous academic setting.