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Race & Culture Course (RCC) Requirements

Approved RCC Courses

Beginning with those entering in the fall of 2008, all UVM students must successfully complete one 3-credit course from Category 1 (Race and Racism in the U.S.) and a second 3-credit course from either Category 1 or Category 2 (Human and Societal Diversity). These courses may also count toward CEMS students HSS elective requirements.

Students who entered UVM prior to the fall of 2008 must take one diversity course. That course may be from either category, and may also include courses that were previously approved but do not appear on this list. Please check with Student Services if you have questions.

Courses approved for CATEGORY 1
All ALANA U.S. Ethnic Studies (prefix ALAN) courses, and:
ANTH 064 Native Americans of Vermont HST 187 Afr Amer Hst: 1619 to Civil War
ANTH 160 North American Indians HST 188 Afr Amer Hst: Civil War-present
ANTH 169 Latinos in the United States HST 189 Hist African-American Women
ANTH 187 Race and Ethnicity MU 005 Introduction to Jazz History
CMSI 160 Intercultural Communication MU 105 Introduction to Jazz History
DNCE 150 Jazz in American Dance NR 006 Race and Culture in Natural Rscrcs
EC 095 African Amer in US Economy POLS 029 American Civil Rights Movemnts
EC 153 African Amer in the US Economy POLS 129 Const Law: Civil Rights America
EDFS 001 Race & Racism in US PSYC 269 Cross-Cultural Psyc: Clin Persp
EDFS 322 Chall Multicultrsm/Ed & Soc Inst REL 080 Religion & Race in America
EDRC 001 Race and Racism in the U.S. REL 095 Nat Amer Rel & Religiosity
ENGR 010 Diversity Issues in Math/Sci/Eng REL 128 Religion in America
ENGS 057 Race & Ethnicity Lit Stds:Intro SOC 019 Race Relations in the US
ENGS 11 Race & Ethnicity in Lit Stdies SOC 031 Race & Ethnicity in Canada & US
ENGS 159 Afr Am Lit to Harlem Ren SOC 118 Race, Crime & Criminal Justice
ENGS 160 Afr Am Lit & Cul Before 1900 SOC 119 Race & Ethnicity
ENGS 176 Afr Am Lit since Harlem Ren SOC 219 Race Relations
ENGS 177 Topics in 20C Afr Am Lit & Cul SWSS 060 Racism & Contemporary Issues
GEOG 060 Geography/Race&Ethnicity in US SWSS 140 Abenaki in VT
HST 068 History U.S. Peoples of Color WLIT 016 Latino Writers US: Contemp Pers
HST 168 Native American History WLIT 116 Latino Writers US: Contemp Pers
HST 169 Hist Native American Thought    

Courses approved for CATEGORY 2
ANTH 021 Human Cultures HST 050 China & Japan to 1800
ANTH 023 Anthropology Third World Dev HST 051 China & Japan Since 1800
ANTH 024 Prehistoric Archaeology HST 062 Colonial Latin American Hist
ANTH 028 Linguistic Anthropology HST 063 Modern Latin American History
ANTH 064 Native Americans of Vermont HST 095 China & Japan Past & Present
ANTH 160 North American Indians HST 140 W Africa: Holy War - Colonialism
ANTH 161 Cultures of South America HST 141 History of Southern Africa
ANTH 162 Cultures of Africa HST 149 History of Ancient Near East
ANTH 163 South Pacific Cultures HST 150 China: The 19th & 20th Centuries
ANTH 165 Peoples of South Asia HST 151 Modern Japan
ANTH 166 Peoples of the Middle East HST 152 The Chinese Revolution
ANTH 167 Native Peoples of Canada HST 240 Comparative Slavery: Hist Persp
ANTH 172 Gender, Sex and Culture HST 241 Seminar in African History
ANTH 179 Environmental Anthropology HST 250 Seminar in East Asian History
ANTH 180 Psychological Anthropology HST 252 Seminar on China
ARTH 008 Asian Art MU 007 Intro to World Music Cultures
ARTH 146 Egypt & the Ancient Near East MU 107 Intro to World Music Cultures
ARTH 185 Japanese Art PHIL 003 Intro Philosophy: East & West
ARTH 187 Chinese Painting PHIL 121 Chinese Philosophy I
ARTH 188 Indian Painting PHIL 122 Chinese Philosophy II
ARTH 192 Inter Spec Topics in Asian Art PHIL 221 Topics in Chinese Philosophy
ARTH 285 Seminar in Asian Art POLS 157 Internatl Politics Middle East
CDAE 002 World Food, Population & Develop POLS 168 Middle East Polit
CLAS 145 Comparative Epic POLS 170 Politics&Social Change India
EC 040 Economics of Globalization POLS 174 Latin American Politics
EDHI 230 Training in Intergroup Dialogue POLS 175 Govt & Politics of China
EDSP 005 Iss Aff Persons W/Disabil POLS 177 Pol Systs of Tropical Africa
EDSP 201 Foundations of Special Ed POLS 179 Women, the State & Development
EDSP 274 Culture of Disability PSS 003 Coffee Ecologies and Livelihoods
ENGS 061 Intro to African Literature REL 020 Intro Rel: Comparative
ENGS 179 Topics in African Literature REL 021 Intro Rel: Asian Traditions
ENGS 182 Colonial/Post-Col World Lit REL 130 Islam
FREN 289 African Lit: French Expression REL 131 Studies in Hindu Tradition
GEOG 050 World Regional Geography REL 132 Buddhist Traditions
GEOG 150 Africa REL 134 Buddhism Sri Lanka: Elite&Pop
GEOG 151 Southern Africa REL 141 Religion in Japan
GEOG 154 Geography of Third World Dev REL 145 Religion in Chin
GEOG 156 Latin America REL 230 Studies in Islam
GEOG 173 Political Ecology SOC 171 Soc Chng & Dev Persp in 3rd Wrld
HCOL 195 Disability as Deviance SOC 213 Women in Dev in 3rd World
HCOL 195 Comparative Epic SOC 272 Soc of African Societies
HDFS 167 Sexual Identities SWSS 047 Human Behavior in Soc. Env.
HDFS 267 Adv. Sexual & Gender Ident. SWSS 048 Human Behavior in the Soc. Env.
HLTH 105 D2: Cultural Health WGST 073 Introduction to Women’s Studies
HST 009 Global History to 1500 WGST 075 Intro to Sex and Gender Studies
HST 010 Global History Since 1500 WGST 101 Women and Gender in Society
HST 040 African History to C-1870 WGST 195 Glob Persp. Viol. Against Women
HST 041 Africa From C-1870 to Present WGST 196 Our Culture of Violence
HST 045 Hst Islam & Middle East to 1258 WLIT 145 Comparative Epic
HST 046 Hst Islam & Mid East Since 1258