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Computer Recommendations

Engineering students must either own or lease a laptop computer. Please see this page for details.

The personal computer is an essential tool for learning and professional work in the programs at the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS).

As a CEMS student, you must master computing technologies and use them throughout the curriculum. All CEMS students should have ready access to a computer (see below).

Although CEMS students are not required to own a personal computer, it is highly recommended. Please see the information below on buying or leasing a computer and required specifications.

Accessing a Computer

CEMS has its own Unix-based computer facility, consisting of several servers, five computer labs and a support staff.

The labs consist of high-powered PCs that dual boot to both Windows and Linux, and are loaded with the latest software packages such as MS Office, AutoCad and various other packages specified by the professors.

Buying a Computer

There are many national and local computer vendors who can provide a hardware and software package to meet your needs. In addition, students may purchase a computer at the University's Microcomputer Services Depot at discounted prices. The Depot has packages available for purchase and can answer questions regarding technology or pricing.

Computers purchased through The Depot are available at the beginning of the semester; students are contacted regarding pickup arrangements. The Depot also provides support for problems associated with your computer hardware. Most software can be purchased at the UVM Bookstore (software cannot be purchased online at this time).

Leasing a Computer

Computer leasing is a viable alternative to purchasing. Here at UVM we purchase most computers from Dell, which does offer leases. However, be aware that the total cost of a computer is more for leasing than for purchasing.

If you are considering leasing a computer, please keep in mind that it is important to be very sure of the place you are leasing from and to find out as much information as possible. Questions to ask include:

This is just a short list of some of the more obvious questions to ask. Be aware that you should not take anything for granted when leasing.

Computer Specifications

When a computer is obtained for a specific purpose (such as supporting your classes at the University), it is helpful to know what software is necessary to fulfill required tasks. Then you can obtain a computer that will satisfactorily run all of the identified software.

In the following pages, you will find descriptions of:

We also recommend that you consult with your department about any additional capabilities that would be beneficial for your major.
Engineering students must either own or lease a laptop computer. Please see this page for details.

Department Contact Email
Computer Facility Tim Raymond Tim.Raymond@uvm.edu
School of
Dr. Arne Bomblies abomblie@uvm.edu
Dr. Yves Dubief ydubief@uvm.edu
Dr. Paul Hines paul.hines@uvm.edu
Computer Science Prof. Bob Erickson Robert.Erickson@uvm.edu
Mathematics Dr. Chris Danforth Chris.Danforth@uvm.edu
Statistics Dr. Jeff Buzas Jeff.Buzas@uvm.edu