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Computer Specifications: Hardware

The computer you now own may meet your needs as a student.

In an attempt to convey useful information to you, we have specified two categories below: a Minimum Hardware and a Suggested Hardware configuration. These are meant as objective assessments; in practice, a configuration that may be perfectly acceptable to one student may be painfully inadequate to another.

The CEMS Computer Facility is a Unix and PC computer based lab. You will need to be able to save your document files in a Windows format to turn them in to the instructor. There are several wireless network locations across campus. Votey Hall is completely covered for wireless access.

With advances in Apple computer software, many Windows-based packages can be run on an Apple computer (running Virtual PC on Mac OS X [version 10.2]). We have listed comparable specifications for an Apple system in parenthesis to help Apple users decide if their system will work.

If you are purchasing a new computer, we recommend a PC compatible machine. If you have any questions, you should check with your department representative (go to Computer Recommendations for contact information).

The UVM Computer Depot lists computers that exceed both our Minimum and Suggested hardware specifications. You may also ask for a custom quote by emailing them at or calling them at (802) 656-3067.

Minimum Hardware

The Minimum Hardware configuration is a barebones system that will run all software needed for CEMS classes, although some students may feel that this computer runs the software unbearably slowly. If you have a computer that meets the Minimum Hardware requirements and you are limited by financial resources, we suggest you try using your existing computer knowing that you may need to upgrade. Otherwise we recommend using the Suggested Hardware configuration as your general specification.

Suggested Hardware

The Suggested Hardware configuration is a system that will run all software needed for CEMS classes in a manner that all but the most demanding students should find satisfactory. This configuration also provides the capacity for other undertakings such as digital imaging, 3-D Graphics (AutoCAD or 3-D Modeling) and X-Windowing software, as well a large assortment of other software students may want to use.

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