Career Services Update

May 2008

At CEMS, we are committed to helping local, regional, and national firms connect with our engineering, mathematics, and computer science graduates (and vice-versa!). In the following paragraphs, CEMS Career Counselor Danielle Gallant shares tips with our graduating seniors and provides a spreadsheet with dozens of interesting job postings from around the country. If you are an employer and would like to have your company's postings added to our list, e-mail Danielle with the information at

Job hunting tips

Career Counselor Danielle Gallant Many seniors are pondering the question of whether or not they'll obtain a job after they graduate. We all have heard on the news and have read various articles in the newspapers about how the U.S. economy is slowing down and possibly heading towards a recession. Well, what does this mean for the graduating seniors of UVM?

As a Career Counselor at the University of Vermont, I tell students to keep searching because there are jobs. Students need to be creative in finding opportunities and they need to believe they've developed the necessary skills to obtain an entry level position.

Last week, Michael Rooney, a member of the Vermont Software Developers' Alliance and CEO of RingMaster Software located in Burlington, VT, was here to speak with UVM students about jobs within the software engineering industry. He stated, "We don't want to dilute the overarching message that there are a wealth of jobs in Vermont and students do not have to leave Vermont to find a job." So whether you plan to stay in Vermont or choose to travel afar for an opportunity, here are a five tips to help you with your search:

  1. Be creative and utilize various methods when searching for a job or opportunity within the industry you are passionate about. Network — talk with your friends, family, faculty, staff, career counselor, UVM alumni, or other people whom you know to help build your connections. Use online resources as well as the traditional resource, a newspaper, to find job listings. Join a professional affiliation such as ASME, ASEE, ASCE, MAA, or SWE and attend conferences to meet professionals and hear of opportunities from around the nation. The more people who know you are looking for a job, the greater chance you'll quicken the time before you find something.
  2. Look for companies who share your values and passion. This will make it a little easier to communicate your accomplishments and personal career goals to an interested employer. If you know of a company that interests you, be persistent, yet practice professional etiquette when contacting them. Persistence can pay off in the end.
  3. Be patient. It can take a minimum of six months to find a job, so stay focused and understand patience is fundamental in keeping your sanity with a job search. You may be rejected by a few employers, but learn from those experiences: ask yourself, "what went well?" and "what went wrong" or "what can I improve?" then go from there.
  4. Stay flexible. If you set out to find a particular job within a particular company in a particular location with a particular salary, you may find it very difficult to land such a dream job. If that's the case, reevaluate your priorities and figure out what may be flexible in your search. Remember, your first job may not be your last so look for something that interests you, find an opportunity that will allow you to utilize the skills gained through your academics and outside experiences, and keep moving forward.
  5. If you're looking for a job while you plan for graduate school, consider finding a job or an experience that will help you gain related experience to your study of interest and build connections within the field. Graduate schools consider real world experience as a positive when looking at potential applicants.

A job search can be challenging, regardless of how new you are to the process or if the economy is weakening. But if you start early and stay motivated, you'll be surprised at what you can find.

Click here for a spreadsheet with current engineering, computer science, mathematical and scientific job listings in Career Services Experience database. Please feel free to contact Danielle Gallant at for an appointment to discuss your plans or ideas.