Research Day 2004 Picture Gallery

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(Byung Lee)
(Xindong Wu)
(Robert Jenkins)
Sorry, the pictures have been stolen by the aliens...

Craig Damon

These ones, too...
Jeff Dinitz
Maggie Eppstein
Serguei Krivov
Byung Lee
Zhen He
Alan Ling
Jun Yu
Ph.D. program (Sean Wang)
Kurt Oughstun
George Pinder
Melissa McKay
Adel Sadek
Chris Skalka
Robert Snapp
Sean Wang
Like Gao
Alexey Voinov
Xindong Wu
Ying Yang
Hill Zhu
Special thanks to Penni French

  • Pictures taken by Alison Pechenick.
  • Thumbnails generated by Alexey Voinov.
  • Picture gallery made by Byung Lee.

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